OPEN Alert - CLOSED Alert

I have been unable to find documentation on what, exactly, these buttons do in the Ring app (see attached). Can somebody explain to me what they do when enabled? Thanks.

That’s to alert you of a door or window when it opens or closes. Or both.
You will get a notification on your phone or keypad if enabled.

With both switches off I get chimes when a door opens and I get a notification in the event log.

Specifically how does it alert me? Does it send a push notification to all the users on my system?

I’m looking for the same answer. If I turn off Open Alerts, I still get chirps. Are they not related? I had assumed that would kill the chirps.

The “chirp” you are referring about is the base unit letting you know that you opened a door/window. To change the sound or stop it, go to the three lines on top left when you open the ring app, select devices, alarm base station, select sensor you want to adjust, then chirp tones–all done. You will need to adjust each individual sensor if you want. The open/closed alert is to notify you on your phone if this sensor is opened or closed (no relation to the alarm base station chirp sound. Hope this helps.

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