ONVIF videos don't play in Ring mobile app, Ring app, or Ring.com website

I have ONVIF videos stored on the Ring Pro local storage. When selected to play back, they don’t play. I get “There was an error while trying to play the video”.

If I sign into Ring.com I am not able to play them back, but I able to download the video file (.mp4) and play it with quick view, Quicktime, and VLC with no issues.

Hi @user24984. While Ring Alarm Pro supports connecting to cameras that implement the ONVIF protocol, ONVIF-compatible cameras are manufactured by many different companies and we have not tested compatibility of Ring Alarm Pro with all of them, so you may experience issues with certain makes and models. Generally, Ring expects to support ONVIF-compatible cameras that:

• Support a video stream of 1080p or lower
• Support H.264 encoding
• Have the ONVIF protocol enabled
• Have a valid password set

We have some troubleshooting steps available in this Help Center article that may help.