Only 2 days of video saved on website?

I was needing to review some past video and when I log into the website and go to the Activity tab, it is only showing me 2 days worth of video. (Apr 24, 25 and 26). I have the subscription. I can access older videos on the mobile app, but I actually need to see it larger so I can make out some information and need to be able to view it on my computer screen. It’s also much easier to click through the videos on the website without getting lost as to which video timestamp I was looking at.

Is this normal to only have a couple of days accessible? Already tried all the tech stuff clear cache, different browser, different computer.

Hey @vickywu. This is actually something that we have our website teams looking into at this moment! We were getting other reports of neighbors that were saying the website did not load all of the activity in comparison to the app, so we are looking to making improvements there. I encourage you to download the Ring app for Windows or Mac if you have either of these kind of computers, instead of the website for now. Thank you for your feedback, as I will add this to their work on this for them to keep in mind. :slight_smile: