Ongoing Issues since installation - help!!

We have had nothing but issues since installing our Ring. I have an Android and my husband has an IPhone - so I can attest to the fact it’s not a platform thing. We have not only purchased and installed a Chime Pro to boost the wifi, but we ALSO installed a wifi booster in our house on top of that! So, wifi cannot be the issue. It takes FOREVER to load the view of the cameras - and half the time they do not open at all. We even tried the Rapid Ring app, and same issue. I have reset all my network settings, I have turned off Bluetooth… We have done it all!!! We are very disappointed. If someone shows at the door or motion trips our side camera, the inicident is far gone before we can access the view. We are kind of hopeless after spending $100’s on all the best models of the Ring components and it’s not doing anything for us. :frowning:

I remember reading about security on WiFi being an issue. I believe the Ring equipment needed to have a specific port open or it needs to be placed into your DMZ.
Also, I personally have issues when using 5G. It works better on 2.4ghz.