One of two floodlight cameras keeping going offline until it detects motion

My electrician recently installed a floodlight security camera and it keeps going offline in 5-10 mts after the last motion was detected. Then there is nothing I can do remotely to configure the camera or view live camera. However, the moment it detects any motion, within few seconds it rejoins the wifi network and is able to send me notification on my remote phone, view the live camera, etc until it goes offline again.

I called ring support multiple times - the first time I was told that it probably didn’t have wifi connectivity, so I replaced and installed eero mesh wifi routers. The mesh wifi repeater is now within line of sight where the camera is located (about 12 ft away).

The 2nd time I called ring support, I was told that the wifi connection must have connection drops and hence it must be loosing connectivity. I called my ISP and they said they don’t see any connection drops.

I had originally purchased two security cameras and I was planning to return the 2nd one since this setup seemed to be not working for me. But, on a whim, I decided to hook up the 2nd floodlight camera as well. This is in a different location and about 30 feet away from the main eero device. But to my surprise, the 2nd floodlight camera seems to be working flawlessly. It is on and connected to the wifi all the time and I can access the live view on it anytime. So the 2nd advice that the ISP is having flaky network connectivity doesn’t make sense anymore.

These cameras are install at my vacation home and I am no longer staying over there. So I cannot do any local debugging. But I am hoping that there must be some configuration issue for my first camera where it keeps going offline but it comes back online as soon as it detects any motion.

Any ideas/suggestions on what could be wrong and how to fix this? Anyone else facing similar issues.

PS: I was thinking of returning the 1st camera and replacing it with a new one instead but I am now outside of the one month return period and also I am no longer in my 2nd home which I need to monitor.


Hi @HemangLavana. This is the Ring Community, a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum where other neighbors, I, or other members of my team can offer basic troubleshooting steps for certain situations. Since you have worked with our support team and have done the basic troubleshooting already, I would suggest that you continue working with our support team. Since you have an ongoing concern, you should be able to ask to work with our advanced technical team to take a deeper dive into it and figure out what the next best step would be.