One floodlight in a group will go offline while others normal

I have 3 camera all powered by the same circuit and using the same WiFi. Occasionally I will loose one (the same one all the time) with an offline message. The others are all recording normally. I reset the power and it comes back online. This is a pain in the a__ since it is at a cabin some distance away. Frustrating!

WiFi is 100% (boosted and not shared)
Power is dedicated to circuit panel

Hi @Dvanv83. Have you checked the RSSI on the Floodlight Cam that is disconnecting from wifi? RSSI is a measure of your Ring’s connection to wifi, and you can read more about it in our Community Post on the topic here. Definitely check that first, and you can also find more tips on making wifi work for you in our Help Center Article here. Let me know if either of these help, or what the RSSI on your Floodlight Cam is.