Offline Stick Camera

Have two stick cams. Each are in different locations/states. Activated one a week ago. Activated the second a week later. Within hours of activating the second camera (separate router) the first camera dropped offline. I can’t get to the reset button for a few weeks. Any ideas?

Hi @user5295. Since the Stick Up Cam is offline, there isn’t a way to remotely reset it or try to reconnect it as you would need to be present with the device. It’s possible there was a brief internet outage or interruption and the Cam isn’t able to automatically reconnect to your wifi network, but I don’t want to speculate as I can’t say for certain. You can wait until you’re at the location to reconnect the Cam to wifi, or you can have a trusted friend or neighbor do so via your Ring account if they’re able to get to the Cam in person.