(Offensive) Ring App Dashboard Layout Problem


(Offensive) Ring App Dashboard Layout Problem

Unfortunately, I had to re-install the Ring app on an iPadOS device in an (unsuccessful) attempt to solve a serious programming bug. As one might expect… re-installing the app not only failed to solve the original problem, but caused additional problems, as well.

For example, now, when the iPadOS device is in Landscape mode, the following sections (together) take up nearly an ENTIRE SCREEN on the Dashboard (from top to bottom):

  • Discover (advertising/marketing) section
  • Set Up a Device section

When the device is in Protrait mode, the two above-mentioned sections (together) take up nearly 2/3 of a screen (from top to bottom) – which is also totally unacceptable.

Obviously, there is no reason for these sections to appear on the Ring app Dashboard at all – let alone to take up such a large amount of screen “real estate”.

This is simply the latest example of the contempt Ring management has for its PAYING customers. The Ring app is supposed to be a SECURITY app, not a marketing/advertising app!

Ring moderators:

  • Could someone please report this problem? (Please do NOT suggest I call Ring Technical Support.)

The device is running the following software:

  • iPadOS version: 14.8.1
  • Ring app version: 5.46.0