Offended neighbor

A neighbor in my area is commenting on any posts that use pronouns, and yelling at my fellow neighbors because they are offended that my neighbors are using gendered pronouns as descriptions. It is not helpful and multiple neighbors have asked them to stop. I understand that we do live on a time where this has become a sensitive topic, but it is not done in a discriminatory way. Just to get information out to neighbors with the most information included. It is getting to the point that they are commenting on almost every post and hindering the discussion of safety and security. What can be done about this?

Sorry to hear about this, neighbor! It is important that any neighbors using the Neighbors by Ring app/ community to follow the Neighbors Guidelines. Any content that is inappropriate should have the ability to be reported by neighbors, within the Neighbors app. This will then get flagged by our teams for review. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: