Observations 1/3/2021

This morning I grabbed my android cell phone and attempted to do a live view. No dice.
I then tried the same thing using the rapid ring app. No dice.

I restarted my cell phone. Live view worked immediately.

One other observation (unrelated I think). I have both ring apps on my cell phone. I could have sworn that yesterday all three options (ring alerts, motion detection and motion alerts) were disabled, yet this morning ring alerts are enabled. I had assumed that since the rapid ring app is installed that it ‘owned’ the ring alerts function. Is it possible for the two apps to ‘interfere’ with each other ?

My cell phone had been left charging overnight. The power went out a couple times. My router was in perfect working order and I was streaming international news via roku with no issues before trying live view.

I wonder if we, as a community, can’t come up with a series of utilities to better diagnose these issues. I came across this interesting article …

For starters I suppose we could try to ping the doorbell’s ip address. That should work easy enough. Perhaps the times reported in the ping replies (if any) would be an indication as to the health of the interface ?

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