Hey, first post so I apologise if this has been asked or queried on before…
I had the indoor cam arrive yesterday which I am using as a security cam infront of a window, it’s working perfectly.
I’m getting a lot of notifications as I’m on a busy road, I don’t mind it as it’s so frequent that it’s almost as if it’s recording 24/7 and so I can go back and scroll through it which works for me.

It brings me onto the topic of notifications though. As I say, I’m getting a lot of notifications which I’ve had to turn off. It’s made me wonder though if there is a way to enable notifications for the camera noticing ‘people only’, and notifications for any other motion detection then won’t come through, but would still show in history?

I know there’s a setting to enable the camera to notice ‘people only’ but I prefer that off just incase it misses something.

Think it’d be a really good idea.


Hi @DG91. In addition to People Only Mode, we do have a very cool Snooze option as well as Modes for Cameras. Snooze will silence all alerts during the set period of time, where Modes will determine how to Camera behaves when set to a specific Mode. You may be able to customize this to better suit your needs.

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