Notifications stopped. How to get them back?

All of a sudden a couple of weeks ago I quit getting a chime notification of an event. Wife has same phone, app, and privildges and she still gets hers. How to fix?

Good question @JoeGiul. The best first step would be to unistall and reinstall the Ring app to ensure it is up to date, and no permissions changed on the mobile device. I recommend also checking in app ring/ motion alerts toggles, as well as Motion Snooze or Scheduling settings are not enabled. Please let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks I alreafy checked the toggles. If I delete the app will I have to reconnect to all five of devices? Some of them are only accessable by ladder.

Nope! Just uninstall and reinstall and log back into your account. Everything should remain the same :slight_smile:


That worked great. Nice to know a reinstall does not require a new set up. I guess all the metadata is stored in the cloud.

Thanks you.

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