Notifications on shared account + how to get extended chiming?

I installed the Ring doorbell 2nd Gen 2 days ago. I have some questions:

  • Shared account. I setup an account. There’s no sound notification when the doorbell rings.
    There seems to be setting in the app ‘Choose the alert tones the app plays for this device’ - when I click, there is no option to choose a tone.
    What am I missing?

  • We have an Echo 5 connected. It’s OK. Does the job.
    PROBLEM: when the doorbell rings, it chimes once and then says ‘someone at the front door’.
    Duh?? If one is running water or just a loud TV moment - then the notification is EASILY missed!
    I need a chime that plays for like 30 seconds or more (like a normal doorbell!).
    I spent close to an hour chatting with Amazon support. In the end: they told me to speak to Ring.
    I speak to Ring: they tell me to speak to Amazon.
    Amazon support made clear: this is how it is for ALL Ring doorbells. You get JUST one chime and that’s it!

Either I’m mad or the whole of the rest of the Ring owners who haven’t complained about this are mad?? :thinking:

Any help would be appreciated.


There should be an option change and control notifications as a Shares User, including the alert tone sound. As a shared user, visit the Ring app and the shared Ring device, then choose Device Settings. From there choose Notification Settings and the App Alert Tones page should have a tab for both Ring events and Motion events.

As for the Alexa integration, our Doorbell Announcements through Alexa Help Center article mentions there being several sounds to choose from. This will likely be an option when setting up the announcement or in the Alexa app thereafter. We’ve also seen neighbors accomplish various things wit Alexa routines, including getting alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: