Notifications for alarm triggers but not mode changes

I want to receive notifications for alarm triggers (siren is sounding) but not for entry delay or the system bring turned on or off. In Ring settings for Alarm Alerts, if I turn off entry delay and mode updates, will I still get alerts for alarm triggers?

Good question @Adampirg! During an Alarm event, that triggers the Alarm siren, the siren will sound out of both the Base Station and the Keypad. If you adjust volume or chirp settings, this siren will still play at full volume. :slight_smile:

My question was about app notifications. With the settings I described will I still get notifications of alarm trigger events?

@Adampirg Hi, chiming in for Marley! After checking with my teams, I can confirm that if you toggle off “Entry Delay” and “Mode Updates,” you will eliminate the entry/exit delay notifications, as well as the status change status (disarmed, armed). This will still keep the push notification you get when your alarm goes off, which will state something along the lines of “Ring is alarming.”

To test this and make sure, I did it for you! (Don’t worry, I was in self monitoring!) I set off my alarm, with those two toggles turned off, and got the message you will see in the attachment. Hope this helps clear it up for you so you can have the configuration you desire. :slight_smile: