Notifications does not work ring app

Have been using Ring and the app for two years but recently the notifications does not appear for the app. This is related both to motion detector and the ring doorbell.

I use a android Samsung S9+ and have not updated the android version.

I am not sure but I earlier tried to install the Ring rapid app and my guess is that I choose to use this app as for standard and the issue started after that. Now the rapid app is uninstalled and no notificaitons appear.

I have tried to reinstall the app but no success + read this thread Notifications not working on Android 10 but none of the apps is installed.

Any suggestions?

Anyone got any suggestions? :roll_eyes:

Hi @ringusersweden. I would suggest reading this Help Center article here. This has some great tips and tricks for notifications on your Android phone. Additionally, you can uninstall the Ring app, reboot your phone, then reinstall the Ring app. This will ensure that the Ring app is optimally integrated with your phone. Make sure that you have location services turned on and any VPN turned off. I hope this information helps!