Notifications delayed or missing since moved device

My ring doorbell was working fine at a previous home. I now have two issues:

  1. Sometimes it picks up motion and sometimes it doesn’t - and/or it is taking a long time for it to notify me. People are ringing the doorbell before I get a notification that they’ve even pulled in the driveway).

  2. Last night someone pulled in and sat in his car for a few minutes, and thenwalked into the house. It seems to have caught both because there were 2 events in history, but I didn’t get any notification.

I have reinstalled the app and checked everywhere I can find. I have an Android. I tried to follow the instructions for going to Menu>Settings>Alarm Settings, but my settings only have General and Location.

Hey @wendy1517. For the concern with push notifications, we do have a troubleshooting article here for Android phones, as well as a list of apps here that conflict with the Ring app and delivering notifications. Please ensure that you do not have any conflicting apps, or have done the troubleshooting as given in the article for your notification concern. If it still persists, please let me know what kind of phone you have and what OS the phone is on.

For the concern with your motion activity, you may want to change your articles to Frequent, as this will ensure that there is no activity missed at your Doorbell if things are happening right after another, and you may want to adjust the sensitivity with the Min to Max slider in the Motion Zone settings. Since you are in a new home, the environment and setup is likely slightly different, and therefore you may have to play around with your motion settings to find the sweet spot to ensure almost all the activity you need is picked up and recorded. You can learn more about motion detection for battery devices here.