Notification of which user armed or disarmed , locked or unlocked from single account

Title pretty much states it all. When my wife arms or disarms ring it shows my name not hers.

I’m listed as owner or main and she is setup as user. When setting up the Apple app only option for account logon was mine?

Hey @wfs63. Does your wife use the same code that you use? If you have your wife set up as a shared user, then she would also have her own code as well. When a shared or guest user uses their specific code, it will show them as the one arming/disarming and unlocking/locking. Please ensure that under your Ring app > Settings > Users > Wife’s shared user name > Reset Access Code that you re-create a code that is specific to her to use. Once she starts using her code instead of your code that you use as the owner, it should show up in your history and notifications accordingly! Hope this helps clear it up for you. :slight_smile:

Reset access code in each app, mine, wifes. Still shows me in emails and notifications.

@wfs63 Could you please reach out to our advanced level support here in regards to your alarm? They will be able to take a deeper look into your account and clear up any confusion there may be!