Notification of camera offline

Why is this taking so long to address/implement???

I wish I had read this thread before buying 5 ring cameras. I don’t know what is more frustrating: the lack of a basic function or the lack of response from Ring! Wish I had bought through Amazon so I could rate the cameras low.

Any update?? 8/12/21

What the heck is taking so long?
I have a number of cheap internet devices that do this? (like cheap flood alarm, etc.)

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if you want this feature to be prioritized, please UPVOTE even if you’re just passing by this thread

I noticed this problem in late 2018 and contacted Ring many times. I was told to “check the app” to find out if it’s still online. I told them it’s not reasonable to ask customer to check the app constantly. I even sent them screenshots of this feature from other products. Finally they agreed to work on this and generated ticket #5c8730310d47a07bd43c2bd2 on March 11, 2019. It’s been 2+ years!!! What’s our option at this point???

Why has this still not been implemented??? Finding out the doorbell is no longer working only when you miss an expected delivery is irritating and dumb.

This is really required.
Hope the team of Ring will be able to find a solution.

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Really frustrated to realize such a basic and common sense feature is missing. My husband is writing a task that will run in the system tray that pings the device periodically(we set a static IP) and will pop up a notification to me. Unfortunately I will need to be on my computer for this but for now it will have to do. Also annoyed because no other device drops off our network and we have a router satellite near the doorbell and the last recorded wifi signal is always good when we discover it offline again. Also annoyed that it’s apparently incapable of reconnecting itself even if there is a connectivity issue at some point, if the network were to improve or return.