Notification of camera offline

This has been a requested feature for over a year, please add it. My SmartHub notifies me both when it goes offline and when it comes back online. I think this is an egregious error on Ring’s part. Why wouldn’t you think that people would want to know if their security camera is offline and be notified? Of all the BS notifications you send, the “oh, hey, this camera is unable to function” was overlooked?

Hi there. This is a serious security flaw in the Ring system. I just now noticed it even existed when my floodlight cam started disconnecting at random after a year of solid service. If this lack of notification when my security system goes down isn’t addressed in the next four weeks I will make sure every review page and social site known to man is aware of this gaping hole in my family’s security. I work in digital marketing and I can assure you my very true story with screenshots will get attention. I don’t care to do so, but the fact that this fundamental flaw has not been addressed after many requests demands it.

Please add this functionality. Our video doorbell was off-line for several days before we discovered the issue.

+1 (for ring doorbell 2)

Agree with the group. Please add feature.