Notification Device

I recently had my catalytic convert stolen from my car in my driveway with a Ring spotlight recording motion sensor located right outside my bedroom window while I was sleeping. It did detect three motion alerts by the thieves. It did illuminate the driveway for them. The motion alerts went to my iPad on my bed stand. They were singular, short and not very loud even with iPad volume on maximum. They failed to wake me. The theft was successful despite my security system. I did not know until the next morning. I did have video of the entire operation which was of no value after the fact.

Ring (or some third party) needs to develop and market a separate alarm device that you can keep on your bed stand. When trigger by the motion sensor, it produces a loud continuous alarm until cancelled. This device would pair with the Ring motion sensing camera and produce alarms when armed or during a specified time period each day.

Currently my Ring security system is ineffective because it relies on using other devices such as smart phones or tablets to notify you which are not adequate for when you’re not awake.

@PeterD971 What about a Ring Chime plugged in next to your bed set to alert you of motion? On full volume with one of the more intense alert sounds should be plenty to wake you.