Not user friendly for service-disabled veterans with limited mobility

I was referring fellow service-disabled veterans at the local Veteran’s Affairs hospital to get ring products until this evening. We had items stolen and were trying to view PERSON DETECTED between 0000 and 1000 hrs. I kept getting error messages, video cannot be downloaded but every video for every other time were accessible in history. I called Ring technical support. First call I heard people in the background but no one answered me. I called again and got a young lady who had difficulty with English.

I was told I had to reset the camera. A veteran in a wheel chair with no legs and only one arm are screwed as there is no way to reset the alarm remotely. They would have to call someone to come over, clime a ladder and push a button. Seriously it is not disabled friendly.

So far I have had over $7,000 in financial losses when a Bruno Chariot was stolen from me a couple years ago. Seems anytime something is stolen the ring camera’s have packet loss and need to be reset and there is no video for local authorities.

Need more reliable cameras.
Need user friendly cameras that are handicap friendly.
Find a compatible 360 degree camera that can be pole mounted with night vision, full color, remote voice, etc.

One example 3g 4g solar powered ip camera with sim card 360 degree outdoor security camera wireless surveillance camera|Surveillance Cameras| - AliExpress

I was also told due to some system upgrades we will not be able to log into from a computer or TV Screen accessing Ring. This makes no sense.

Also, when viewing history can you please add an option to view either regular AM/PM or 24hr time?