Not taking charge

Doorbell has been on charge for hours and is still on the first segment. This is a recharge from only 2 weeks ago and virtually no use in that time.
It is an oder model from 2018 with an integral battery so I’m assuming it is at the end of its life unless someone has a miracle solution! Not good for 3 years old.

Hi there, @vicks! If your Video Doorbell is not charging as quickly as it should be, try a different outlet, micro usb cable, or even a charging box (the part that plugs into the wall outlet). Keep in mind, your Video Doorbell can take several hours to fully charge.

As for keeping that charge, this can be improved through fine tuning usage and optimizing signal. Usage can drain battery quickly, as can a Doorbell working harder to stay connected. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: