Not receiving email verification

I had to factory reset my phone recently and when I attempted to login to the mobile app, I am unable to, as I am not receiving the email with the verification code.

I have attempted to have it resent multiple times, checked all my folders, performed searches, but there is just flat out no email. I know that my email is correct, because when I first set up the app, it worked with no problem.

In fact I had to create an entirely separate account just to post this. Upon creating the account, I immediately went to the settings to ensure the two factor was not active, which according to the settings, it was not. Yet, as I was prompted to sign in to this Ring Community, surprise surprise, I had to wait for an email verification code - which arrived immediately.

Yet, an hour later, i am STILL waiting for the email verification code for the main account…

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Same problem here. Yesterday I resolved the issue by contacting support through online chat. My wife cannot be added as an additional user for the same reason. Today chat is no longer available during business hours!!!

Hi @AnnoyedWithLackofSup - what device are you using? Will you please email more information to ? Thanks

I am not getting the verification email for set up new account.
But I am getting the 6 digit emails to reset my password.

Hi @Truebobcat. Try checking your “Junk” or “Spam” folders for your verification email. You can try searching for Ring in your email to see if that locates it. Also, you only need to verify your email upon creation of the Ring account. If you’ve already created the Ring account, the 6 digit verification code is the standard procedure. I hope this helps!