Not picking up motion- help

My doorbell isn’t pick up motion of people. My mailman comes to my door and puts mail in my mailbox it doesn’t pick that up but cars driving by it gets at times. There is not rhyme or reason to what it gets. I don’t have people mode connection on either. Also I have found the notifications to my phone are super delayed. My husband came in the house and it didn’t pick him up until he opened the door and the door was seen on camera but I didn’t get the notification until he comes coming downstairs to the basement that I had motion at my door. Any suggestions?

@Jojo6 How is the WiFi signal at the doorbell, what is your RSSI value from device health? Also how high is the doorbell mounted?

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Wifi is great to the door. It’s mounted on the house with the angel piece bc of stairs. When you do the preview and motion selection it’s perfect.

@Jojo6 What is the height above the ground and what is the RSSI value?

What is RSsi value mean? Height is a normal doorbell right.

@Jojo6 In your app go to the doorbell and select device health, it will show a value next to RSSI. For best performance your doorbell should be 4feet about the ground.

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Hi, I keep getting messages that videos aren’t downloaded and also that wifi isn’t connected which made me thinking maybe someone is using jammer around it. Is it even possible