Not able to download video files

I am trying to save and share videos (as I do all the time) and I am getting an error. I tried both the app and the web.

In the web (desktop) The spinner just keeps going and nothing happens and then it stops without an error message.

In the app, I get the spinner and “Please Wait”. Spins for a long, long time and then displays a message saying “Try again later”

Seriously considering moving to nest. My brother uses it and it works amazingly and never fails. This is getting really bad. Misses people notifications, misses rings and motion, the battery doesn’t hold (after a year of being perfect), etc, etc, etc…

Same issue here. Ring said in another post they are having issues on their end.

Everyone. Check the Ring status first. They are having issues today. Always check it first.
You can see it here.

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