No video, but getting alerts on Doorbell Pro

I have a Doorbell Pro that has worked fine, except for the execrable MacOS software, for 18 months.
Since February 7, I have been unable to get any live video. Since the same date, all of my recordings (triggered by motion alerts that are still working) are showing as “Your video is processing. Please try again shortly.” on the Web interface. Neither the MacOS app (LOL), nor even the iOS app allow me to see my recorded videos.

The doorbell still rings. When there is a ring, the chimes sound, and the iOS app shows me an alert with a picture of who is at the door, but still, no video at all.

It has been like this for nearly a week, and I don’t really think video processing is that backed up on Ring’s servers. So, what to do?

Leaving this for anyone else who sees this problem.

It is fixed. I had to speak with Ring Support on the phone (who was actually very good). They remotely did a reset of my doorbell, which didn’t bring back all of the old videos, but did at least allow me to use live view and is seemingly allowing me to record new video.

The MacOS application, however, is still hot flaming garbage.

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