No sound transmitted from phone to doorbell speaker

Hi. Started well with Ring3 but now in the myre of ‘Why wont this work?’

Everything else is apparently set up OK. I can see and hear from the camera and mic on the door bell (received in the app on my iPhone). But the other way (iPhone mic to door bell) produces no sound out at the doorbell speaker.

I’ve chacked the mic settings in settings/privacy and rhey are switched on.

What to do?

Update. I went on to download the PC based app on to my Windows 10 Machine and that proved that the sound out at the doorbell (sound input from the PC mic) is working so isolates my iPhone as the cause of the defect.

The quality of the sound is not good but thats a different issue.

Hi @Scamps. Good idea checking on another device to isolate the cause of this concern! When accessing the Live View on your iPhone, are you tapping the green phone icon in the bottom left corner? You’ll need to tap this to toggle the two-way audio on and actually speak through the Doorbell. I would also recommend that you uninstall the Ring App, restart your iPhone, and reinstall the Ring App. If the audio from your iPhone is still not able to be heard at the Doorbell after these steps, then you may want to contact Apple’s support directly to see what may be going on with the iPhone.