No smoke Detector option in UK app

We in the UK are able to purchase the First Alert Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector woth z wave plus from amazon US but when trying to add it to the UK app the smoke detectors section is missing and although the First Alert is a z wave plus unit the UK app will not add this to it.

I think its a no brainer to have this option available to the UK and possibly other non US nations and it seems strange we can have a mailbox sensor but not a smoke detector as most or nearly all the other alarm systems in this category have this as a standard add on…

So i am politely asking Ring to Please add the smoke detector option to the UK app ASAP as this would make the Ring Alarm System a more complete all round attractive purchase.

As the remote control unit has the Fire Alert button on it hopefully we haven’t succumb to the fumes before it can be pressed!

Again please get this added


Maybe it depends on the rules in regulations in the UK in regard to having a smoke detector tied to an alarm system for a residence?
Even in my part of the world various cities have different requirements for that kind of setup.

As far as can tell the only Law with the UK is for Landlords who have to have at least 1 Smoke detector & 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector as far as adding on to the Ring or any other system which does not include manned call center monitoring ( person directly to Emergency Agencies ) which the ring system in the UK does not do, Ring Alarms have assisted monitoring which is basically the ring alarm contacts up to three assigned numbers ( my choice ) and we decide to call the emergency ourselves. This is also called a Dialer system which has been fitted to & with alarm installations in the UK for over thirty years that I can remember?

I just spoke to Ring Customer Services and inquired about this and this is the reply " We currently do not offer this option as the z wave plus First Alert Detector is not available for sale in the UK "

I told them I just bought one from Amazon US so technically it is available to the UK!

I hope they add this to the app including the leak detector which againg I cant find a reason not to sell this to us.

Thanks for reply and as you say some other country’s may have different legal reasons but I think not for the UK at least not that I can find.

So there should be no legal reason to not add this for the UK.