No recordings and when I do its black with no picture?

I have a video doorbell 2. Since I recharged and replaced the battery I’ve been getting motion alerts but no recordings. On some of the recordings I do get all you can see is the ring logo in the upper left but the picture is black. Live view works fine, and the health of my equiptment is fine. Has anyone else been experiencing this recently? Thanks for your feedback/help in advance

Hey @wvuwhitney. For any recordings that are showing as just a black video, this concern can be resolved! Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on fixing the black video.

Thanks for your quick reply. I will check it out. Everything worked PERFECT until I had to recharge the battery for the 1st time. Now everythign is working weird. It picks up motion after the fact…picking up nothing and the black picture issue which I already spoke about. I have read a lot of reviews and it seems this happens to a lot of people. In theory this is a great idea but if it doesnt work…then it is useless and just aggravation rather than satisfaction. Just my $0.02.