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I’m looking to buy the home security system but need this question answered first if someone please.

Is there a way to setup this home security system so it can CALL ME but never never never under any circumstances call the police? I know this may sound strange buy my job is close enough that “I” could get there before the police. If the police need to be contacted, I want it to be me calling them. I do want to emphasize it must be a PHONE CALL TO ME. Thank you in advance.

Yes, don’t activate central monitoring.

Glad you asked @OldSchool! You are more than welcome to self-monitor your Alarm system, however, the Professional Monitoring is what features phone calls for Alarm events and dispatch.

While you would not receive a call for an Alarm event while self-monitoring, your phone will be alerted via that app, as well as any shared users. You can also setup email alerts for certain Alarm and Alarm device events. Check out our help center article about Alarm monitoring to learn more! :slight_smile:

Hi I had a follow up question. Is there a way to get the cell backup but NOT have the dispatch? I want to self monitor but my internet connection is spotty in bad weather so I would like the cellular backup.

Hey @aycarumba! You can definitely do this. If you are paying for the Ring Protect Plus Plan, the cellular backup is included in this plan! While professional monitoring is also included, it is merely an option for you to enable or disable this. Feel free to stay in self monitoring but pay for this plan and cellular backup will be enabled within the first 24 hours after having the plan purchased. :slight_smile:


great, thank you for your reply!


I don’t believe this is true. I was told If you turn on self monitoring, then then you lose the cellular functionality. I turned self monitoring off and I tried to change the procedure at the monitoring facility so they would not call the police and only call me in an alarm event and they said that they always had to call the police if I didn’t answer: I don’t want that because our police will issue fines for false alarms. Every other alarm company I have dealt with including SimpliSafe will support this functionality: it’s disappointing that Ring will not.

Hi @Jeffreicher! When the Alarm is in self monitoring mode, rather than professional monitoring, no dispatch will take place as there is not an entity to monitor for Alarm emergency signals other than yourself.

In the event of a burglar alarm, while Professionally Monitored, emergency contacts are called first before the emergency responders are dispatched. If any emergency contacts are reached, they can confirm the emergency or cancel a false alarm by telling the monitoring center the verbal password. If no emergency contacts can be reached, the monitoring center may leave automated voicemails and then dispatch the police. Disarming the alarm will trigger the Monitoring Center to cancel requesting dispatch.

This help center article covers all of the emergency signal types and the response to each, when Professionally monitored. Check out also, our article about Verified Response (if available in your area) and one about the Customizable Police Response options. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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