No notifications unless I am actually using my phone


I’m not getting notifications on my phone unless I am actually using it. I work on an iphone and have push activated etc etc.

It was working fine when I first purchased the door bell. I must have something set up incorrectly.

I also have Protect Plus, and I understand that I should get notifications even when I have no wifi etc. I’m not sure that that is working either…

Can anyone help me please?



Hey @LisaP49. Have you tried removing the Ring app from your phone, turning your phone off and then on, and then reinstalling the Ring app? This normally will help refresh the notification preferences to the default so that you receive the notifications of motion at your door and such when you are not in the app. Give this a try and once you’re logged back in with the notifications enabled/allowed, lock your phone, ding your Doorbell, and let me know if you get that push notification! :slight_smile:

Oh gosh thanks. That’s so basic and I’ve not thought of it. I’ll give it a go now!

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