No notifications from Ring Doorbell

I have the Ring Battery Doorbell 2020 version. My Rssi is -38, and the sensitivity is all the way up. My blue map covers my whole yard, and I have notifications toggled on.

I just stood on my porch waiving and yelling at my doorbell and I have gotten zero notifications. The only time I get notifications is if I change the notification Frequency to “Frequently” from “Regularly” but when I did that, it drained the battery in 2 days.

Do I have a setting that I’m missing? Is it a defective doorbell? It seems like there’s no medium between highly sensitive, battery drain or no sensitivity, only notifies when someone rings the doorbell.

I switched from a wired Ring Pro 2 because the wiring on the new location cannot support a wired doorbell. The Pro 2 worked great on default settings.

Is there anything I’m missing?

Hi @parkerg. Motion Frequency is definitely a factor here. This setting basically determines the amount of dwell time between recordings. This can be great if you are working in the yard for a bit and you don’t want to be bombarded with notifications. This Community post here will explain things pretty well.