No notification when device or camera goes offline

Please add notifications when alarm device or camera goes offline! Not sure why this isn’t a feature. What good is an alarm if I have no idea when the sensors aren’t connected or working?
Same for cameras…


Hey Ring Execs,

Go hire Nest developers to help you with this. Nest has been able to notify you when a camera is down since they were Dropcam. Seriously considering changing to the Nest Hello and replacing all my Echo shows with Google Nest Hubs.

I have to keep my Nest cameras facing the front door because i can’t trust the Ring equipment. Sad.

Very Annoyed seeing my Ring Doorbell down for another day without me knowing.

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I too am frustrated by finding out a camera has been offline. I use ring cameras to monitor the outdoors at my vacation rentals and I had a guest find the plug and unplug the camera to commit violations of our policies which I found out after the fact. When I went to check the Ring footage, the camera was offline. Would have been nice to recieve an alert that one of my cameras went offline so I could look into it right away. This is an essental feature that needs to be added.

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