No new features available since 2018

I’ve been patiently awaiting several new features that were promised for early 2019 in an email I received from Ring in autumn 2018.
I emailed Ring last week regarding these features and was told that they are available and that I could activate them by updating the app, toggling the three lines, and selecting “new feature”.
The problem is, the (iOS) app automatically updates yet I haven’t had the “New Feature” option available since last year. I deleted and re-downloaded the app yesterday and I still don’t have that option.
Any help regarding how to activate these important features will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Tired can you please let us know what features you are referring to ?

In October 2018 I received an email from Ring promising the following features for early 2019 and Spring 2019:

Camera previews
Motion verification: rules out false alarms - I receive numerous false alarms daily
Person detection: option to ignore non-humans - most of the motion recorded is animal activity
Motion zones (customizable)
Motion stop: stops recording when motion ends - all recordings except live view are around 30 seconds long
24/7 recording - not a present concern since I’m not enrolled
Audible announcements
Camera preview control: Automatic live feed when motion is detected

I have only received Timeline and Camera Preview. I’m not enrolled in 24/7 recording and I’ve downloaded Rapid Ring and am awaiting results whenever the selected events happen. The rest of the features seem to be missing.

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Wish I had known about Rapid Ring earlier, cheers for heads up

Rapid Ring? What is it?

Rapid Ring is a separate app that gives quicker access to live view. If your live view takes so long to load that whoever rang your doorbell or otherwise triggered an alert has already left or completed whatever nefarious deed they came to do by the time you’re able to answer it then this is a good app to have.