No Motion Detection at Night - Video Doorbell 3 Plus

I purchased a Video Doorbell 3 Plus back in October which I am very pleased with, but with the darker evenings I have noticed that I am not getting notifications at night time or very rarely do.

During the day I get numerous notifications as I only have a short front path and there are lots of people walking their dogs, so I know that it works fine during the day, but now its dark much earlier I dont get any notifications. Even if I walk out the from door it only goes off sometimes.

I have tried numerous adjustments with the settings, but no matter what I try I get the same result, hardly any recordings/notifications.

Last night I had a delivery come and the person walked up the path, but the parcel in the letterbox, took his photo, walked away, but nothing was recorded. About an hour later I walked out of the front door and heard the bell make a slight chirp which I think is the IR sensors coming on, but it didnt record anything. This is madness as nightlme is when I want it to be picking up movement.

I am sure that things have got worse since the update which introduced the custom motion zones.

Any ideas?