No Longer Receiving Low Battery Notifications

Ring Team: Users have been asking for low battery notifications for Ring devices for a while now. I have had my Ring devices for several years now. I used to receive low battery notifications for them when I first got them around 2018, but no longer receive them. Currently, we must select each device separately, then go the settings, and then click on the battery icon to get the battery status. This is not efficient and does not work well when you have multiple battery operated Ring devices. This also increases the risk that our Ring devices could shut down if the battery dies and we are not at home to address it right away. There must be a way to reinstate or create low battery notifications via email or text again? Please advise. Thank you!

Yes! Same issue here. I even just noticed some of my alarm devices are offline. What kind of security is that? They don’t even tell you when there is a problem. Piece of junk.

What the devil is the Ring team thinking?! Time to fire the VP of Marketing/Engineering. Removing email notification for low battery is a disaster. Putting this feature back should be on the list of highest priority features. This is the first Amazon product I’ve used that is going from good to bad. LET US KNOW WHEN THE FEATURE IS BACK and hire a better management team!

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I just looked at all of my attached alarm devices. One of them has a low battery! What have been nice if they have actually told me that and emailed and alerted me!

Better watch what you post on here because they like to flag/remove posts that say anything negative about them.

I just verified and the option to alert me via email and push is on and has been on. Never received any notices