No Live view when wifi turned on with iPhone

I have tried reading several articles, but none quite match my issue.

It seems like if I turn off wifi on my phone and use cellular, my live view works. When I turn wifi back on, the live view stops working, and I just get the spinner until it says reconnect, which doesn’t work either.

Turn wifi back off, and live view works again.

If it works when wifi is off on my phone and I am using cellular, the camera is obviously working with the router, so why when wifi works for everything else on my phone, does it cause live view to stop working.

When live view doesn’t work, I can go back and view past events in history, but just no live view.

I reset the router and restarted my phone, and it worked for a few days and then went back to the same problem. Not sure what to do next as when an event occurs, I am wasting valuable time waiting for a recording to show up when a live view could let me know right away if I have an intruder. Waiting one minute for a recording may be too late in a situation like this.

iPhone 6plus

Any ideas?

Hi @Doljr! This will actually be determined by the mobile device capability and connection efficiency. Depending on mobile device type, IOS version, carrier, and other variables, wifi connection can either be better than your cellular data or worse. There can also be a difference in phone processing performance when having multiple connection types enabled or other apps open at once. This is a normal scenario, in which the best steps for optimizing this connection is to ensure no vpn is enabled and other apps are closed.

If your mobile device works on cellular data better than wifi, keeping the data connection active can help. Keep in mind that public wifi networks are can often be cluttered or throttled from being able to stream video. Your home wifi network should allow your phone to operate the Ring app as intended, depending on speeds and number of other devices connected in the home.

I recommend trying out the Rapid Ring app, which is designed to provide neighbors with the quickest access to live view. Try testing out this Rapid Ring app on wifi to see if the experience improves. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello Marley_Ring,

I will give the app a try, but the frustrating part is it worked flawlessley for almost a year on my phone, with no issues until a little over a month or so ago.

Seems like a phone update or something else recently has changed the app from working correctly.

No new apps have been installed lately, and the same router is in use. There were several new features introduced from Apple in recent updates, so I hope this has not caused a problem as a result of phone update.

I will try the app you mentioned, although I would prefer the original app work flawlessly like it did for over a year or so.

Thanks, and I’ll be back when I try it.


It’s not anything on your end. These folks will send you running in circles and doing the hokey pokey trying all kinds of mostly useless stuff. Fact of the matter is they developed a bad product and they clearly dont use their own product or they would be all over fixing this stuff.

You are dead-on that it was likely an update. Companies can NEVER leave well enough alone with something that works. I appreciate them making upgrades but they frequently mess the app up somewhere when they do.

I use androids and have the same problem as you. I threw my hands up after the last community exchange I had with Marley. All Marley can do is refer you to previously promulgated help topics, but that doesn’t help them messing the app up. I appreciate Marley trying to help but he/she can only be as helpful as the system he/she is attempting to support, Marley cant do anything about this just being a troubled product.

At first, my complaint was I could not see live view until AFTER a recording has completed. I was told that was normal at one point which is silly. Then it was suggested that I have my phones not on the 2.4 frequency because thats what the floodlight cam uses, to use the 5.0. This actually worked for a while…then of course they jacked with the app again and I couldn’t get live view AT ALL. This is when I found out that it was the wifi connection…not mine, but Ring’s app was screwed up and live view only worked on cell data.

Marley and all couldn’t provide any satisfactory solution, only to direct me to the aforementioned pre-promulgated “solutions” that didn’t apply to anything going on in my house or phones. I threw my hands up and just said, “its a junk product, I’m stuck with it and someday I’ll hopefully find a good product similar to this”.

Some time after that, on a whim, I decided to try live view and lo and behold not only did it work on wifi, but it was also fast to load immediately upon a notification of motion…exactly what it should do. That was great, for like a few weeks, then just recently, suddenly its now back to it wont work on wifi again. This is one of the most aggravating products I have EVER purchased in my life. Now, not only do I not get live view in wifi…but the app locks up entirely and has to be closed and re-opened after an attempt at live view at any time.

So, just know that its not you or your devices or environment, its Ring.