No Live View on Ring Pro Doorbell

We have had our Ring Video Pro Doorbell for a few months. Up until a few days ago it worked great. Now, for some unknown reason the live view does not work. It still records all motion video and doorbell rings, we just cannot go live with the unit.

When we try to go live it goes to the live video screen and shows the message that it is activating live view. After about 30 seconds it times out and gives the message that live view was ended and has a button to push to reconnect. It will not reconnect either.

The app shows the device health is good in all aspects. Internet connection is strong. I finally gave up try to figure out what was going on and did a full reset on the doorbell by holding the orange button for 20 seconds. I went through a full reinstall of the device, and… No live view still! Arrrrghhhhhh!

Not sure what else I can do to make it work. I welcome any help the community can give me.

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Additional information… I turned offthe wWi-Fi on myphone and wentto ccellular dataaand suddenlyI ccan connectto the live view,bbut as soonas I switchedtthe wWi-Fi bback oon I ccannot activatethe llive view again. Confused…

Exact same thing happened to my Spotlight Cam and it’s subsequent replacement. There’s a big thread on the same issue here:

IMO Ring have a firmware issue here, but they are yet to admit it/look at it.

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