No live view and stuck on activating device

Tried this, didn’t work unfortunately for me. Great idea though. About to cancel my sub and move on. System has only been half reliable the entire time I’ve had it.

Might be time for a class action lawsuit since you know they won’t return the money spent on these devices that don’t live up to the billing.

So. After online research and observing my device’s behaviour what I understood:
It works during trial period. And then stops when your trial period expires. After it expires, if you pay them, it does not restore the service usually. If you are lucky, it works intermittently. But good chance it’ll not work even after paying. So instead of committing for yearly subscription, pay for a month, check if works. For me, it does not work, so cancelling my plan from month 2.

I currently have this issue as well. Live view works fine on rapid ring. It works fine when on home wifi, but when on 4G data bundle it is not working in the normal ring app.

Tried reinstalling app. Did not try reset of the doorbel itself but since it works on rapid ring I doubt that will resolve antyhing. I have a high bandwith 4G subscription that shows speeds over 100Mbps when I do a speed test so I am quite confident it is not my connection.

Same issue for Doorbell 2, Live View kept coming up with errors “Failed to connect”, “There was an issue starting Live View, Click the Reconnect button to try again.”, etc. I have gigabit internet, 3 Ubiquiti APs, and the closest AP is 10 feet away from door; can’t even get Live View to work at home with desktop, WiFi, and 4G. (Fresh install app and reset doorbell, still doesn’t work)

Mine, it keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and…