No Lights on Chime Pro


I just moved my Chime Pro to a new outlet. It was working post move but the WiFi wasn’t as strong as I wanted so I moved it down the wall. Once I moved it the Chime Pro doesn’t come on anymore.

Hey @AU_Thach06! The first best step here is to ensure there is power to that outlet and there is not a switch controlling it. Check to see if the Chime’s led is lighting up. If it is not entering setup mode after pressing the setup button on the side, try a reset by holding the setup button for 15 seconds. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

There is no light coming on my new chime pro. I’ve changed it to the plugs still no light and I tried other appliance and they have light. I just bought this about 10 days ago.

I also tried moving my Chime Pro to a new outlet and no lights come on at all. Did it die? No lights, no reset no nothing. How fragile is this thing? Jeez

The blue light on my Chime Pro 1st Gen went out about a week ago.

But it seems to be working except it has no light.

Its Firmware is Up To Date.

So, I see no point in REsetting it up again.

I have had Professional Monitoring with my Protect Plan with NO gaps in coverage - so it is under warranty.

Should I just get it replaced?