No doorbell button press trigger available in SmartThings app

I am using the SmartThings app for Android and linked my Ring 2 Video Doorbell. However, when creating a SmartThings automation triggered off the Ring 2, only 2 trigger types are available: Motion Detected, and Battery. I do not see an option to create an automation triggered by someone pressing the doorbell button.

Can anyone explain why this basic functionality seems to be missing? I have also asked on smartthings community .


Hey @kingfelix. The integration that we have with SmartThings is developing more over time, but this feature isn’t quite yet available. I’ve passed on your feedback to the appropriate team, but it’s best to make sure you keep passing on that feedback to SmartThings as well as the integration is a two way street. If you look into IFTTT, I’ve seen other neighbors use this system as well in order to get more automation after a certain action has been performed, like a Doorbell press. Hope this helps!

Hi, Chelsea. I think I got this working actually. I had to add the doorbell to smartthings as Video Doorbell **Pro ** instead of just Video Doorbell and now when I am creatinga smartthings automation, I can respond to the “pressed” trigger.

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Did you get the live video to work in smartthings? I cant get live video to show in my phone or tv.