no alerts when phone is home

Can you impliment something like, while my or my wifes cell phone is home you have an option to turn on “mode X” so Everything will work as it should, will record, lights will turn on with motion and so on, we just wont get constant notifications of any movement for the selected zones or devices? example, i always want to know if there is movement by my garage, as its low traffic, but the back yard kids play, we are in and out, working on stuff etc. It’s a barrage of notifications. Could you simply make it cell phone based, and when a shared cell phone or account owners cell phone is home and you have “mode X” set, you will not get constant notifications of movement in high traffic areas the owner dictates like a back yard when kids are at play. Once the phones are gone (store, work, running around etc.) it will then say hey, theyre not home. lets go ahead and send notifications of movement now?