No ability to stop device removal

I received an email that someone is trying to set up my device. The suggestions are to:

  1. Remove the device from my account.
  2. Wait 14 days for the device to automatically be removed from my account.
  3. Call Ring, go through their automated system, wait for 20 minutes, talk to someone who then can stop this transfer.

That’s it.

Where is the option to “Stop this transfer”? Where in the app can this get stopped? Where in the cloud can this get stopped? Why isn’t this a prominent available response??

And that’s the point. The ability to log into my account, go to a setup page or notification page, and click the option to “Stop the transfer” should be part of the program! Why is a long wait-time phone call the only solution? Ridiculous!

Hi @user16302. Are you still in possession of the device? If you no longer have the device and someone is trying to set it up, you can follow the steps here to report it stolen. If you still have possession of the device, do you know who is trying to set it up?