Nightmode always on

So I just installed my new Ring 2. Turned on live view indoors and got presented with a beautiful sharp colored picture. Then installed it on my door. Checked live view again, and the image was now all black/white! I’m not paying this much money for just a monochrome image… so how do I turn night mode off???

Ps. My other video doorbell (not a ring) works flawlessly with the current light circumstances, so there is enough light. When I illuminate the ir sensor it switches to color on the ring. Wich makes me think the sensor is too sensitive.

Pls tell me how I turn off nightmode.


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I have a ring 2 and all of a sudden the live view and video playback is blank and white not color. Do you know how to fix?

This is because the light sensor doesn’t receive enough light. In these cases it switches to night mode. I have the same issue for a year now.