Night vision

I have a spot light hard wired cam. It has a good signal and it works exactly as it is designed to. However whist infa red lights are on and lit when dark, the cam does not switch to night vision automatically. If I switch it off from power supply for an hour and turn back on, the night vision will work…what is the issue here? Thanks in advance

Hey @Newman2020. Could you share what the video looks like when the night vision is not working versus after you’ve turned off the power for a bit and it’s working? I would love to see the two videos in comparison to see this difference! Also, let me know the time stamps as well to know what time of night we are references too. This will be very helpful. :slight_smile:

For the videos, you can share them via text or email to create a URL share link, which you can then share here. Alternatively, you can download both videos, label them (just to tell which is which), and then compress them in a zip file which you can attach in your reply here! (MP4s are not supported)

Hi thanks for reply. Sorry for my slow response. Attached is a video after power switched back on…no night vision…after aboutv20 seconds night vision kicks in…but then goes off…I am acts loss to understand why this is happening