Night video flashes and clicks

This above video is my new normal at night. About every 30-40 seconds I get the flash and click.
I also have to reset the power often as the device goes dead.
Disappointing performance.

Night Vision will activate by default with night time or low light video conditions. In this case there are instances of artificial lighting, lighting differences, and nearby surfaces, which might cause further lens adjustment outside of night vision. Check out our Help Center article about night vision and color night vision for tips on using.

While having light is useful for picture quality, test out different lighting conditions and mounting angles to see if video improves. Aside from night vision, repeated motion events will be best resolved through altering the motion settings in the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Marley for the suggestions.
I was able to resolve this issue. There are two porch lights that were evidently causing this problem. To test, I turned the lights off for a couple of days and the issue stopped. I do need lighting there at night, so I purchased some dimmable bulbs and set them to a lower brightness. Still having no further issue with the night vision.


Hi @Nortnarg. Glad to hear that this worked for you!

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