Night time motion zone

Hi, we found a poo on our wall this morning! Obviously we jumped on our ring app to see who or what left it and nothing was detected.
If we have the wall on our motion zone our app will be pinging all day but can I set a second motion zone to only be used at a certain part of the day?

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While multiple motion zones can be drawn and enabled, notifications are unable to be applied per zone. There may be a combination of motion settings that might help to fine tune what is captured in the area, so that you can have that zone enabled. You might also find use from motion scheduling which will allow motion to be captured, but will avoid notifying you for the date/ time you set. :slight_smile:

This is practically a required feature imo - use cases of the Ring Doorbell varies wildly based on things like:
Being at home vs. away from home;
Being asleep vs. awake;
Expected amount of footfall.

Do I want a recording as well as a notification every time someone passes my house during the day? No way. During the night? Yes. I can always silence these notifications during the night if I want (via smartphone settings) and at least I’ll immediately see them when I wake up to review activity.

Use case: during the day I just want a small portion of the view to trigger alerts/recordings. During the night I want pretty much the entire field of view to trigger alerts and recordings.

Since you have multiple zones, it seems that you’re halfway there already - can you just let us decide when those zones are active via. scheduling?