Night Mode Ignored

Add Night Mode to allow instant alarm when any sensor is triggered. Like almost every other alarm system has. Is just basic common sense. Would like to hear companies argument why it is absent. Night Mode is so you don’t have to go into modes EVERY NIGHT to change the setting to give you an extra minute of awareness that a threat has been inside your house for a minute while you are asleep and completely oblivious. It is not the same as “Home” where you have zones that don’t trigger alarms and a delay after a sensor is triggered because you are awake and can react to the little notification. Is not the same as “Away” when you need a delay to give you enough time to deactivate the alarm so it does not go off when you come home and open the door and gain access to your keypad. The only reasons I can think of that Ring doesn’t have this feature is that 1. They are embarrassed being stuck with already having released their 1st and 2nd gen keypads that are missing the Night Mode button and don’t want to look bad since they didn’t think it through…or they have some data that indicates all the other alarm companies set off a crazy number of false alarms because of it so the benefit doesn’t justify the harm of having that mode? At least make it a setting on the app. Am I missing something? I’m debating returning the whole system.