Night Activation

One of my battery powered Ring cameras is pointed toward my car in my driveway. During the day it activates whenever anything moves in that area. At night it doesn’t seem to work although it occasionally activates if a car drives by and with lights on. Recently someone broke into my car and the camera never activated. The battery was fully charged. The camera has night vision and records fine when manually activated at night but recording history for motion activation begins at around 7:00 am and ends at dark. I’ve tried making it more motion sensitive but it didn’t help. I don’t know if that’s just as good as the camera works or if this camera has a problem.

Hi @RSVPini. Do you have a Motion Schedule active? Or would you happen to be using Modes for Cameras? If you have one of those active, it could be affecting your cameras ability to record at night.

Also, how is the camera positioned? What is the height of the camera? This Help Center article here has some great information on how to properly position your camera for optimal motion detection. I hope this helps!

Thanks very much for your reply. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I don’t have ‘Motion Schedule’ active but I am using ‘Modes’ but I though I have to use that. Anyway, I changed it to ‘Away’ to see if that helps. The height of my camera appears to be good. Thanks again and I’ll see what happens with the small change I made.

I don’t know if this is your issue, but the triggering of motion recording is dramatically helped with exterior lighting. Even if you have the zone set to capture motion within a zone, unless the light on the camera fully illuminates the moving object, recording will be delayed. There are different sensors for the lights and camera and the camera really needs to “see” the moving object - hence exterior lighting helps.

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