News: TechCrunch Talks Ring Smart Lighting

Matt Burns from TechCrunch tried Ring’s new Smart Lighting and shared his experience. Read his full response here.

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“20 minutes later, I had five new lights configured to my home’s network and installed around my house.” … I need to hire this guy for installs. I believe 20 minutes to ‘Set Up’ via the app, but to also install!!! Is he 10 feet tall with bionic screwdriving wrists? Maybe I am slow. I just filled out a survey for a new Samsung product, that they claimed would take 5 minutes. Took me nearly 30 minutes!

“these new lights lack the camera, which make them significantly less expensive.” … True, but worth mentioning in this comparison, they also lack the rechargeable batteries and charging equipment.

I am busy this morning, but will write a review as soon as I get 20 minutes :wink: